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ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser


The ESIRIS Excimer Laser represents the latest and most innovative technology presently on the market which offers revolutionary customized treatment possibilities in refractive surgery such as the correction of aberrations up to a theoretical visual acuity of 20/6.

Only a high-precision laser like ESIRIS has the advantage to translate the most modern analyzing technology into perfect results.

First clinical studies show excellent results with regard to the optimal correction of the eye and the quality of the surface.


ESIRIS offers you the following benefits:

Optimal surface quality by

Optimal Centering by

Optimal security by

Optimal ergonomic design by

Optimal handling comfort by

Optimal cost efficiency by



Laser Type

Excimer Laser



Spot Diameter

1 mm Gaussian Profile

Repetition Rate

200 Hz

Beam Delivery

Scanning Spot System

Eye Tracker

Active High Speed Eye Tracking


300 Hz


approx. 1.500 x 1.200 x 1.950 mm


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The specifications are subject to change without notice.


ESIRIS Ablation Profile


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