LaserSight LaserScan LSX

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Features & Benefits

Feature: Benefits:
200 Hz Repetition Rate
(Fastest of all US approved lasers)
  • Fast ablations
  • Reduced dehydration due to stroma air exposure
  • Reduced patient fatigue and increased surgery compliance
  • High Resolution Scanning,
    0.8mm Precision Beam
  • No central islands
  • Smooth ablation profile (low fluence, temporal spatial averaging)
  • Increased surgical precision
  • No masks or diaphragms
  • High Speed Energy Control
  • Maintains consistent laser output
  • Corrects slight variations in laser output during surgical procedures
  • Computer Controlled System
  • Easier to upgrade
  • Ablation profiles software controlled
  • Precise scanning
  • Increased surgical applications
  • Reduced Operational Maintenance Costs
  • Low consumption of electrical energy
  • Low consumption of gases
  • Low consumption of optics
  • Simplified Operation Room Requirements
  • System operates at 115V/15A
  • No external venting required
  • No special amperage or phase required
  • Internal air cooled (eliminated water)
  • Uninterruptible source of power

    Advanced Laser Technology Features to Enhance Your Laser Choice


    Feature LaserScan LSX Chiron 217 VISX STAR S2 Nidek EC-5000 Autonomous LADARVision
    Beam Profile .8mm Scanning Gaussian Spot 2mm Scanning Flat-top Spot 6mm broad beam divided into seven rotating beams 7mmx2mm Scanning Slit <1mm scanning spot
    Size of Optical Zone

    Size of Treatment Zone(myopia)

    6mm optical zone  

    7mm treatment zone       

    6mm optical zone  

    8mm treatment zone       

    5.5mm optical zone  

    6.5mm treatment zone       

    5.5mm optical zone

    7.0mm treatment zone       

    6mm optical zone  

    7mm treatment zone       

    Current Laser Platform 200Hz Scanning spot Third generation 50 HZ Scanning Spot third generation 10Hz Modified broad beam First generation 50Hz 5 scans per second Rotating Slit beam Second generation 60Hz scanning spot second generation
    Acoustic Shock Minimal High Very High Very High Moderate
    Smoothness of Cornea After Treatment Smooth Cornea bed due to overlapping gaussian beam pattern More overlapping with flat top beam. Cornea bed is less smooth Broad-beam technologies produce rings and ridges Rough and ridge-like appearance Cornea bed relatively smooth
    Need For Pharmaceutical Dilation No No No No Yes
    Operational Maintenance Costs 6 optics; 1 cylinder of pre-mixed ArF, 1 cyl He 10 optics; 1 cylinder of pre-mixed ArF 10+ optics; 2 cylinders ArF pre-mix, He 10+ optics; 3 cylinders ArF pre-mix, N2, He 11 optics 1 cylinder pre-mixed ArF
    Mobility Yes No No No No


    Lsx Ablation Profile


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