VISX Star S3 Laser System


 Overall Rating:  B+


Overview:  VISX is recognized as a world leader in excimer laser development.  In 1998 VISX released their upgrade of the older VISX Star model calling it the VISX Star S2.  The primary advantage to the S2 over the older Star model was the delivery of a significantly smoother laser ablation than the S2’s predecessors.  In keeping with their spirit of innovation and leadership in the industry, in recent months VISX has  introduced a sophisticated infrared eye tracking system in the form of the newly released S3.

    The VISX S3 laser platform uses a seven-beam scanning system to produce a smooth corneal surface.  The laser system actually splits the beam into an array of seven small diameter beams that rotate across the cornea during the laser procedure smoothing and softening the treatment pattern and reduce surface artifacts.  An additional feature of the VISX laser platform is that the array of seven laser beams allows the laser procedure to be performed more rapidly than many other laser systems.

    The tracking system is infrared video based and tracks the eye at a rate of 60Hz.  Thus the eye position is verified and safety checked before every laser pulse and continues to monitor between pulses.  This gives greater patient confidence and lowers apprehension.






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