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ALLEGRETTO WAVE Excimer Laser - the only laser developed specifically developed for custom LASIK providing superior clinical results, with the speed and precision necessary to take advantage of the promise of Wavefront technology.
Expanding the possibilities of the refractive laser, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE incorporates features which ensure speed and precision in spherical, astigmatic and customized correction.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE Excimer brings new capabilities to the refractive surgeon, including the ability to correct higher order aberrations. The small diameter of the laser treatment beam combined with high-speed scanning capability allows for the correction of spherocylinder refractive errors and higher order aberrations in a single step.

Using the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Excimer Laser, WaveLight provides the newest technology in a small footprint design. Less optical surfaces and reduced gas consumption mean lower cost per procedure, which was the primary design goal for this office based refractive laser.


Laser class:


Laser type:

Excimer laser / ArF


193 nm

Spot size:

0.95 mm

Repetition rate:

200 Hz

Beam transmission:

Scanning spot system
N2-flushed beam path


Laser system: 120 x 143 x 110 cm
patient bed: 60 x 210 x 70 cm

Power requerements:

230 V / 16 A, 50 Hz

Optional Accessories:

Microscope camera system
Integrated slit lamp
Height adjustement
Interface for patient data
Deoth measurement gauge
Plume evacuator
Mobile version


Laser system: 180 kg (incl. gas)
Patient bed: 135 kg


IEC 601/IEC 825
Medical Device Directive (MDD)

Specifications are subject to change without notice


Allegretto Ablation Profile


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